Which TV play is right for you?

No matter which play you decide to choose out of the playbook, CATC is here to help on the sidelines. CATC offers superior cable TV with various options to choose from, but if you decide that play isn’t the right one for you, let us help with streaming TV options.

Let’s Break it Down

CATC Streaming Playbook

If you go with one of the streaming TV plays, you’ll want to make sure you have enough bandwidth in your home to accommodate extra Internet activity. With speeds up to a Gig, CATC can get you suited up with plenty of speed, no matter which streaming option you choose.


How fast can I go?

You can find out what speeds are available in your area here.

How do start streaming?

Is streaming TV the way you want to go? If so, here’s some set-up guides to help you get started.

What if I don't want to change?

Did you decide you still love your traditional cable? CATC has a variety of packages for all your programming needs.

How do I install my Fire TV Stick?

Streaming is the way you decided to go, and this device is what you chose. Find out how to install it here. 

Still have questions? That’s okay. Call a CATC representative to discuss your options at 501-865-3333.