Why Fiber?

CATC believes in providing customers with the highest level of service and technology. With the majority of its service area built with fiber-optics, CATC has the ability to ensure its members are receiving the most advanced phone and Internet services. It is consistently looking for opportunities to grow its fiber infrastructure, with the latest project in the northern part of its territory. See the most recent area in the map below.

Benefits of Fiber

While copper and coax lines still have a place in today’s technology, fiber optic communications is the only way to transfer large amounts of data that is reliable, secure, and affordable. Changes to bandwidth with fiber can be done in minutes, whereas other delivery methods may take a few days.

Fiber optics allows customers to compete on a global scale, while keeping jobs and people in central Arkansas. Working from home, remote learning, selling worldwide, sharing files, and more, are just a few of the ways homes and businesses can grow and succeed with the use of fiber optics.

What does the process look like to build fiber?

First, engineers map out what paths to build fiber, while working with city and county officials before construction can begin. Once approved, construction starts with marking utilities to avoid hitting existing lines. Then crews begin to trench on the fiber path up to the easements in your neighborhood. Once construction is built, testing occurs to ensure a clean path of light can pass through. Once testing is secured, fibers are sealed and prepared for use. After this step, CATC representatives begin calling customers to schedule an appointment for installs. During the install, technicians test your devices and ensure you are ready to enjoy faster, more reliable services.

Ready to get started?

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