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Fuel. Boost. Accelerate.

CATC has a fiber-boosted network allowing customers to enjoy higher Internet speeds than ever before.
  • graphic fuel Fueling Up Our Network
Making an investment in our communities has been a top priority for CATC. Through the past several years, our experts have turned up the power, upgrading the network to make a difference in our customers’ online experience.
  • graphic fuelBoosting Your Broadband Adventure
What does it mean to have a reliable fiber network? It means you have options to work from home, send large files, stream without buffering, and more! With more devices in the home comes the need for more bandwidth – a 10 Mbps connection might not be enough anymore! It’s time for an upgrade.
  • graphic fuelAccelerate Your Speed
With speeds that fly as high as a Gig, CATC ensures your Internet will blast off every time you take it for a ride.

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*Some restrictions apply. Offer ends June 30, 2022.