Central Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Inc. recently contributed to the Ouachita School District in support of the upcoming school year to benefit the purchase of school supplies. For many years, the company has been a part of the surrounding communities – where they have fostered devoted customer relationships. They show acknowledgement and appreciation for their customers through their motto, “Owned By Those We Serve” and by offering a hand to the community.

CATC’s commitment to supporting the local communities continues with their contribution toward education to ensure that under-resourced kids have the supplies they need to succeed. CATC presented the Ouachita School District with a donation of $3,000 to contribute to the students needing school supplies.

“We are honored to be a part of helping students succeed with the items they need in school. We understand that the cost of school supplies can be burdensome to families and hope that this money will provide some relief,” said Larry Frazier, CATC General Manager.

About CATC

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Ouachita’s Superintendent Larry Newsom and Elementary Principal Lyn Mcdade